About IPv4DAO

We build a community-owned and decentrally-governed pool of IP addresses

IPv4 addresses are a vital Internet resource that was depleted in 2019. Most of them are assigned to large corporations and distributed unevenly. Our DAO builds a pool of IP addresses which brings a new vision of how this scarce resource should be handled.

Decentralized & User-governed

DAO structure avoids the principal-agent problem. Decentralization guarantees the pool's neutrality and censorship-resistance. Involving pool users as members of the DAO provides a greater level of commitment and responsibility towards the utilization of shared resources.

Transparent & Immutable

Our discussions, proposals, and decisions are public. Blockchain-based voting and DAO design ensure transparency and immutability of our governance.

Resource Neutrality

We enable anyone to access and use this vital Internet resource without intermediaries or gatekeepers. We promote fair and transparent allocation of IP addresses based on the impact and value of the projects that use them. By doing so, we hope to foster innovation and diversity on the Internet.

how it works

How IPv4DAO can use its pool to empower the Internet community

We support projects that have a bigger impact on Internet development and make the Internet more decentralized. Our aim is to optimize the utilization of our pool to help fight IP scarcity.


IPv4DAO history

A brief history of what happened so far. Visit our Discord to learn more.

May 2022
The core team had begun to form around the concept of introducing greater decentralization to the Internet Protocol's number space.
June - September 2022
The core team engaged in a comprehensive research effort to enhance the legal protection of the decentralized digital asset and its associated community. In addition, the DAO's mission statement has been formulated and publicly disseminated on our website. Initial discussions and governance approaches were evaluated and tested. That was the end of Season 0.
October - March 2023
The process of establishing a legal entity in the Marshal Islands was initiated by the team, coinciding with the successful deployment of the first Root Tokens smart contract on the Ethereum network, with the subsequent distribution of 64 tokens. Alongside these developments, a concerted effort was made to expand the DAO's social media presence and to engage with a growing number of community members. Additionally, the team had begun to cultivate relationships with various ecosystems, other DAOs, and potential users of the pool, laying the foundation for future collaborations and expansion.
April 2023
Having finalized our incorporation in the Marshall Islands, we've now established the foundational blockchain-specific business processes required for our seamless operation.
May 2023
IPv4DAO becomes an ARIN member and can now own IPv4 and IPv6 subnets from ARIN region
October 2023
IPv4DAO becomes a member of RIPE and expands its coverage to Europe, Middle East and Central Asia
Nov 2023 - Now
Our DevPod develops the first decentralized smart contract designed to manage the acquisition of IPv4 subnets in the RIPE region. Additionally, we're in the process of rolling out the initial release of our subnet management system


No reliable replacement for IPv4 in at least 10 years

By 2024, IPv6 had been adopted by only around 40%, which is not enough to discontinue the use of IPv4. It would be necessary to have over 90% adoption of IPv6 before considering the retirement of IPv4.

Skyrocketing prices

The limited supply and growing demand for IPv4 addresses have driven up their prices.

Exhausted address space

There’s only 3.7 Billion usable IP addresses. All of the them were distributed by 2019.

Insufficient decentralization

Different RIR regions adopted the Internet with different pace. Large populations are now misrepresented.

Still have questions?

Some common questions and their answers are given below. But the most effective way to get your answers is to participate in our Discord and inquire there.

A DAO is a type of organization that is run by smart contracts on a blockchain, without any central authority or intermediary. A DAO allows its members to collectively make decisions and manage resources through voting and governance mechanisms.

IPv4 addresses are numerical identifiers that allow devices to communicate over the Internet. They are scarce because there are only about 4.3 billion possible IPv4 addresses, and most of them have already been allocated or used. This creates challenges for Internet growth and innovation.

Root Tokens are ERC-721 tokens that grant their holders voting power in the IPv4DAO governance system. You can get Root Tokens by joining the whitelist at

 You can join or contribute to IPv4DAO by becoming a Root Token holder, a partner project, or a collaborator. As a Root Token holder, you can participate in the governance and benefit from the pool of IP addresses. As a partner project, you can access or use some of our subnets for your development or operation. As a collaborator, you can help us build and improve our platform and community. Just join our discord  and involve yourself in something. We welcome all kinds of contributions and feedback.

IPv4DAO governs its pool of IP addresses through a democratic process that involves all Root Token holders. The holders can propose, vote on, and execute various actions related to the management, allocation, monetization, and utilization of the pool. 

IPv4DAO monetizes its pool of IP addresses by leasing them to its members and to various projects or entities that need them for their operations or development.

We’re developing open-source solutions to streamline the management and transfer of numerical resources.

IPv4DAO helps fight IP scarcity by creating a more efficient and fair way of allocating and using IP addresses. By pooling together unused or underutilized IP subnets from different sources, it increases the supply of available IP addresses for various purposes. 

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